About Cape Verde

The Cape Verde islands are located a few hundred kilometers to the west of Africa, outshore from Senegal and Gambia, in the north Atlantic Ocean. Cruising end sailing on Cape Verde is unique and especially those who want to discover a corner of the world, yet uncontaminated by mass tourism and high-tech human civilization will appreciate this beautiful destination. Most of the islands are only small settlements, some are completely uninhabited. We will have the opportunity to commune with nature and admire its various forms.
Cape Verde is a former Portuguese colony, and it is situated only a two-hour flight from the Canary Islands. Here, it is always summer, though temperatures can differ year-round. Cape Verde consists of 10 volcanic islands, which are each different and unique.

Sal, and Boa Vista are the most well-known of the African islands. They are almost completely flat, and therefore have beautiful, white, sandy beaches, where it makes a lot of sense to get a tan, drink a cold but very strong caipirinha, and cool down in the ocean. The choral filled ocean offers colors and a rich wildlife. On most of our trips out we meet amazing animals such as playful dolphins, humpback whales, pilot whales, manta rays, big eagles, sea turtles, and of course a thousand different reef fish. The sea turtles lay their eggs on the shores of Sal and Boa Vista, and humpback whales come to primarily Boa Vista in the wintertime to mate.

Santiago and Maio host an amazing, friendly population. On this island we also find Cidade Velha, Cape Verdes oldest town with stunning nature, and a very friendly and outgoing community. You will most certainly be invited in with the locals to have a beer or join the feast, when they slaughter a pig in town.
We primarily focus on the islands of Sal, Boa Vista, Sao Vincente, Santo Antao, Sao Nicolau, and Santiago, since they have the most to offer, and they are the easiest and safest to approach all year long.

Sao Vincente, Santo Antao Santa Luzia, and Sao Nicolau are perfect for hiking. The many mountains ensure a damper climate, which gives you unspoiled, green valleys, fruit trees, and an amazing wildlife. In the ocean we find tons of fish, lobsters, and sunken shipwrecks, which we will explore. We’ve visited the islands many times, and we will be able to show you routes, if you want to go on your own adventures. On Sao Vincent you will also meet many sailing boats getting ready to cross the Atlantic Ocean and go to Caribbean throughout September to January.