Cape Verde Sailing

Climb aboard and discover a wide selection of sailing and live aboard trips for everyone departing from Santa Maria, Cape Verde. swim, tan, sail, fish, spearfish, and snorkel through the Atlantic Ocean.

How the sea of adventures started

Captains Lucas and David have known each other for most of their lives. They grew up sailing and later learned that they both loved everything sailing and watersports – both above and below the surface. They both have maritime carriers behind them, which have prepared them well for the adventures in Cape Verde. Both guys and the rest of the Cape Verde Sailing crew are very experienced sailors, and their biggest desires are for you to experience the adventures, they have and love.

Cape Verde Sailing Captains

Our Sailing Boats

Cape Verde Sailing - Catamaran

Our Catamaran

Our Dazcat 1190 is a beautiful catamaran from 2006, which is ready to take you on longer adventures. We highly recommend this experience for anyone who wants to explore sailing in a safe & authentic sailing. Our Catamaran can take you island hopping, on private or day trips. On board we have equipment for real sailing, fishing and spearfishing. We will guide you to get the most out of the islands you want to visit.

Cape Verde Sailing - Yacht

Our Sailing Yacht

Lucy, our Jeanneau Sun Odyssey is equipped with everything you need for a fun, adventurous half day and full day trips up the West coast of Sal island. Our Sailing Yacht is very family-friendly. We will always serve you cold drinks, beer, and wine, and you can enjoy sailing the Atlantic Ocean in a very calm, exploratory way.

Cape Verde Sailing - Yacht

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