Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all. For most trips, you only have to have a curiosity for sailing and being on the ocean. We have all kinds of guests, both experienced and new to being on yachts, and we will make sure, you get the most out of the trip no matter what

You can book on our website, TripAdvisor, WhatsApp, Viator, or locally on the pier of Santa Maria, and you are always welcome to contact us on Facebook, Instagram, or via G-mail

It is very likely. We cannot force the animals to come out, but Cape Verde has a very rich and playful wildlife, so we do see dolphins, pilot whales, colourful fish, sea turtles, flying fish, and much more very frequently

We require guests to be barefooted while on board, since this ensures the safest grip on the surface. We will of course store your shoe wear safely at all times. Please bring a towel, if you want to go in the water. Also please bring sunscreen, and sun glasses/sun hat, if you need it.

If you know, you have a tendency of motion sickness, it can be a good idea to take an over the counter antihistamine, or whatever you usually take for this, before going to the pier (follow the instructions of the specific product). This will most likely ensure, that you will have a beautiful trip. Otherwise we have many ways and great experience in trying to ensure your comfort, and you should not be worried. There are many things, we can do, like letting you steer the yacht, and we all want you to have a perfect trip!

That is unfortunately not possible, but you can pay us in either Euro or Escudos. ATM’s are easily found in Santa Maria and in most hotel areas.

If you have any concerns, please contact us, and we will sort it out. The sailing trips are generally very safe, and many things are possible, as long as you are able to go from stairs to the dinghy, and from the dinghy to the boat. We provide a hand or two and tell you where to step.

Generally, not at all. The weather conditions in Cape Verde are generally very stable, and sailing is almost always possible. We very rarely cancel any trips. If, against all odds, we do, guests, who have made payments online, will get a full refund or another date to go sailing. If you have paid the small deposit with a local booker, this is unfortunately non-transferrable.

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