Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are here to protect the costumer’s rights and welfare during sailing, as well as the interests of Cape Verde Sailing in terms of copyrights, etc. Please read carefully, and we cannot wait to have you on board! 

User content on our website

The content on our website, including but not limited to pictures, limitation text, and video material, used on our website may not be used by any other party than Cape Verde Sailing, unless other arrangements have been made and approved by Cape Verde Sailing.

Before arrival

Travel insurance: it is highly recommended that you arrange travel insurance for all guests when travelling outside of your own country.

Bookings: When booking any trips with us online, be aware that you are making a booking request online, but the trip is only confirmed, when you receive a personal confirmation from us. This is to ensure, that the dates you have chosen are free, as well as the wishes, you have for your holiday, are possible. You will then receive a link to payment of the deposit for week charter, and the full amount for half day/full day and sunset trips.

Deposit: When we confirm the date and nature of your week charter trip, we will also be sending you a link to payment of the deposit, which will be 50% of the total amount. The deposit for week charter will be transferrable up to a fortnight before departure in case you need to cancel the trip. The rest of the payment will be requested a week before departure.


Cash: all payments made on our yacht on the day of sailing, can be made in Euro or the local currency, Escudos, which can be withdrawn in the airport, in an ATM on the main road of Santa Maria or in most hotels on Sal.

Thru our website, Tripadvisor, or Viator: Both half day/full day-trips, as well as week charter can be booked and paid online. All booking sites offer high levels of security, making sure your payment data are safe. Please see above in terms of your rights, if you have to cancel a trip.

Arriving for a sailing trip

Half day/full day trips: All arrivals will be at the pier of Santa Maria, unless other arrangements have been made and cleared by both parties. Please arrive on time to ensure, you will get the most out of your trip. All hotel staff and taxi drivers in Sal knows the location, but please contact us, if you need help finding us. When arriving, please go to the end of the pier, and we will pick you up for your day of sailing. If you have booked locally, please bring the ticket you received, when paying the deposit.

Week charter: For week charter, we provide airport pick up, if you need it. This will be arranged before you arrive on Sal.

Safety during sailing

Life wests: we use a dinghy to go to our yachts, and we require all guests to wear the safety wests, we provide, during the trip to and from the yacht. When on the yacht, life wests are not necessary, unless it will make you or your children feel more safe.

Safety instructions on board: please listen carefully to any safety instructions we provide you during sailing. Sailing on our yachts is very safe, our staff is professional, and we have all the safety gear necessary to deal with any kind of situation that would occur.

Children: All children are very welcome and very safe on board our yachts. We provide safety wests in all sizes. Please listen to all safety instructions we give along the way.

Activity in the water: When guests go in the water, at least one staff will always watch carefully from the yacht, or go in the water with you. We check wind, weather, and current status before allowing anyone going in the water, which ensures that you can swim safely, but all activity in the water is at own risk. We provide snorkelling gear and safety wests if wanted, when you go in the water, and we know the best places to see colourful fish and sea life.

Fishing and snorkeling gear: we will provide the gear necessary and teach you to use it if necessary. We of course expect you to take good care of it while using, but we know you will.

Spearfishing: spearfishing trips are only recommended for guests, who are experienced swimmers and also have experience in spearfishing. We require that you listen to our safety instructions at all times. All activity in the water is at own risk.

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