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After much consideration, planning, and trying out, we have put together some package deals, that will give you a very different, adventurous, and exciting holiday. All packages are designed to cover your interests, whether you’re most excited about sailing, fishing, hiking, or exploring above and below the surface. We have solutions and please let us know if you have any concerns, questions, or wishes.

Sailing for three days, a week, or even a fortnight will give you opportunities at sea, that a day trip just cannot do. You will be able to experience snorkelling, fishing, spearfishing, swimming, and enjoying encounters with the friendly, African culture. More importantly, you will be able to try different things and decide, what you want to prioritize. In that way you will have the freedom to form a holiday to your personal wishes, even if you don’t know exactly what that is from home. Of course, more days on the ocean will heighten our chances to see more of the dreamy anchor spots, the wildlife of the ocean, and so forth.

We normally mainly focus on the islands of Sal, Boa Vista, Sao Nicolau, Sao Vincent, and Sao Antao, because those are the most accessible, and the content of both the islands and the surrounding ocean makes great sense for a yacht adventure. we focus on these islands, because we have great experience in putting trips together, that pleases any kind of wishes, you might have, in an amount of time that makes best sense. These islands include a combination of the best of Cape Verde with beautiful beaches; raw, volcanic mountains; friendly people; interesting wildlife; old, Portuguese cities; and the city of Monte Trigo, which is the furthest city West on the African continent and the closest, man will ever be to the edge of the world.

These packages will give you the opportunity to see different islands, go to shore, meet the locals, and still experience all the wonders of the Atlantic Ocean. We highly recommend this solution to anyone adventurous, who wants to see more than just the tourist spots, anyone who loves sailing, and anyone who wants something different for their next holiday. The trip will include airport transfer, island hopping on a beautiful catamaran, and all the experiences on land and in the water. The choice of islands we are going to visit will be based on the weather conditions, and the experiences you want to have. We will make sure the yachts are well stocked and prepared, and we will teach you how to prepare and cook any fish and sea food you catch.

The different kinds of packages we offer are carefully planned out to ensure, you will get the most for your time and money. We have personally tried all the different kinds of experiences, and we are very confident, you will be able to find a package, that tends to your wants for a great holiday – alone, with the family, with the special someone, or in a group.

A pleasantly tropical destination, the Cape Verde islands benefit from average annual temperatures of between 23°C and 30°C. Holidays to Cape Verde offer long, uninterrupted sunshine hours. It is possible to join for island hopping all year, but we recommend avoiding the windy months of December through March. Also, at that time larger waves occurs on some of the islands. If you want to relax in the sun and go for a swim in the Atlantic Ocean, you will not be disappointed. The surrounding waters tend to be very mild throughout the year with annual highs of 28°C in the summer and mild lows of 20°C in winter.

  • The yellow arrow describes an example of a tree day trip between Sal and Boa Vista.
  • The green arrow describes an example of a week trip from Sal to Sao Vincent via Sao Nicolau.
  • The red and green together describes an example of a fortnight trip Including Sal, Sao Nicolau, Sao Vincent, Santo Antao and back to Sal via Sao Nicolau.
  • The blue arrow describes the possibility of trips to Fogo or other islands.

Explore the deep blue and beautiful waters of Cape Verde with highly experienced and dedicated sailors.

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